The gx 3 is our most versatile and flexible single-box solution to fit any production across any application, be it live or xR. Unlock new potential in Notch generative content such as facial tracking, simulation and buffer effects or even AI background removal for IMAG thanks to the NVIDIA A6000 advanced processing capabilities. Includes two […]


With major video processing improvements and increased storage performance, the vx 4+ can handle more than twice the amount of video layers than its predecessor, whilst also keeping video latency to a minimum. Designed to become part of the disguise modular ecosystem, the vx 4+ includes two 100GbE network ports and 12G video capture as […]

Chauvet – COLORado Batten 72X IP65 RGBAW LED Wash Bar

Experience the exceptional capabilities of the COLORado Batten 72X, a cutting-edge wash light designed in a batten-style with an IP65 rating. This powerful fixture is equipped with 72 meticulously calibrated RGBWA LEDs, allowing it to deliver stunning color rendering and an extensive range of hues from subtle pastels to vibrant saturations. With 16-bit dimming capability […]

Martin – Mac Viper Profile

Introducing the MAC Viper Profile, an innovative high-output profile luminaire that sets new standards with its outstanding features, superior light quality, and remarkably efficient optical system. Surpassing all leading profiles in the 1200-watt category, it even rivals the performance of 1500-watt fixtures. The Viper Profile not only delivers greater brightness, but it also offers enhanced […]

Martin – Mac Viper Performance

Experience unrivaled output and performance with the MAC Viper Performance, a compact framing fixture that defies expectations. Despite its small size and low power consumption, this fixture delivers an unprecedented level of features. It includes an iris, animation wheel, framing system, and rotating gobos. The framing system comprises four shutter blades, each capable of individual […]

Robe – BMFL Washbeams

Elevate every performance with the impressive BMFL WashBeam, renowned for its expansive beam generated by a wide 180 mm front lens. Engineered specifically for Robe, its custom light source delivers an astonishing 300,000 lux at a distance of 5 meters! Equipped with a rotating gobo wheel featuring meticulously curated gobos, this fixture offers a multitude […]

Robe – Pointe

Experience unparalleled brightness and blazing speed with a razor-sharp parallel beam that effortlessly pierces through the atmosphere and illuminates videos flawlessly. Harness the power of projecting static or rotating glass gobos to achieve precise in-air and surface imagery with an impeccably focused plane. Whether set at a tight 20-degree zoom or fully expanded, the output […]


LIGHTNING PRO We specialize in high end LED Video Panels for the rental industry. Our inventory consists of large batches of some of the latest and most popular rental products. We service film, broadcast, corporate event, trade shows, and live events. Every panel goes through our certified 10 point quaintly control inspection before leaving our shop. […]


Realtime ray-tracing with global illumination, powered by over 600 Intel Xeon cores Infiniband interconnect allows for maximum throughput and low latency Expandable to scale to your increasing needs, without degradation to performance Available in rack form or self-contained quiet case REQUEST A QUOTE Realtime ray-tracing with global illumination, powered by over 600 Intel Xeon cores […]


BIDIRECTIONAL SDI HDMI 3G Tailor-made for professional monitoring purposes. It comes equipped with a 17-point 3D LUT that can be used to calibrate the color of any monitor, projector or TV. Furthermore, it allows for the output of the 3D LUT on the SDI loop output. Additionally, it provides support for DCI film rates, which […]