Established in 1997, Global Trend Pro is your full AV rental source, specializing in event video rentals and sales. We provide video installation equipment, staffing and management to the entertainment, event and media industries. We work with high profile companies across the United States and around the world in creating incredible visual experiences.

Our rental gear is available with the option of utilizing our network of experienced technical directors, project managers and designers. With the combined wide range of experience, wisdom and meaningful relationships, we consistently deliver the client’s true vision.



Isaac Campos began Global Trend Productions 20 years ago. His first stint in the industry was as a DJ where he played for college parties and nightclubs. He went on to work behind the scenes producing events and since that time GTP has been expanding its range of services to become a major supplier for entertainment production.

Project Manager

Sebastien Dang has been with the Global Trend Productions team for 12 years. “After several career changes I stumbled upon a new and exciting industry called production. Immediately falling in love with the type of work and its environment, Global Trend became my new home.”

Technical Director

Franck Van de Cayzeele is a jack-of-all-trades and almost 20 years of expertise from international projects and watching the industry evolve.


Shannon Miller is the unsung hero of our coordination and has been with Global Trend Productions for over 7 years. Her most memorable projects to date have been the Jameson Bartender’s Ball in San Luis Obispo and San Diego.

Accounting Manager

Yanira Ricardo-Diaz has been with Global Trend Productions since the very beginning. For 17 years she has been a part of the GTP team working tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Accounting Manager

Paula Hill joins the GTP team with decades of deep industry experience. She loves working in this field because of the people and constantly evolving scene. No two projects are the same and she is always cheery, ready to move the project forward.

Director of Operations

Jennie Sherwood joins the GTP team with an incredible attention to detail and years of experience. She is an active role in foreseeing organizational challenges and stream-lining creative solutions.

Asset Manager

Oscar Mendoza has been with the Global Trend Productions team for 7 years. Oscar is passionate about the music and has been DJing most of his life. His most memorable event so far has been EDC 2014 in Las Vegas. “It was pretty incredible to see the main stage once it was completely built. It blew me away.”

Warehouse Manager

Romel Yordi has worked on every side of production, from lighting design to programming, sales and project management, he knows how to get stuff done. He’s a peoples person and recognizes how important it is to build great relationships with the many people needed to make these projects happen.

Lighting Technical Director

Sid Garcia joins the GTP team with over 20 years of production experience and a diverse range of wisdom. He is always optimistic and happy to share his expertise for the betterment of the team.

Accounts Receivable

Carolina Sánchez joined the Global Trend Productions team in 2012. Her most memorable moment at GTP so far has been Super Estrella’s 2016 Reventon at the Microsoft Theater. “Sitting in the audience, I was able to see all of the hard work each employee put into the show. I felt proud to be a part of the team.”

Repair Tech

Will Montoya has quickly become an integral role in our inventory quality control. He has a natural ability to diagnose technical issues and troubleshoot, all while keeping an endlessly positive attitude.

Project Manager

Ben Carson is a triple threat. He joins with experience managing projects around the world and often taking on the roll as a lead technical and AV specialist. His enthusiasm and energy are a strong addition to the team and knows how to navigate through complexity.

Video Technical Director

Michael Rivas joins the GTP team with with over 16 years of AV production experience ranging from theme park to live touring and corporate events.


Skylar Elis has a background in architectural design, 3D modeling and graphic design. He is passionate about new/emerging music, our built environment, and how they can transform each other.

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