Established in 1997, Global Trend Productions is a video production company, specializing in event video rentals and sales.  We provide video installation equipment, staffing and management to the entertainment, special event and media services industries. We work with companies all across the United States and have equipment in various cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and New York.

We are a turnkey solution for all of your video production needs. The services we offer include event video service, video rentals and sales and production design.

Our team comprises some of the most experienced technical directors, project managers and designers in the industry. With the combined wide range of experience, vast knowledge of production and relationships our staff has developed, we believe it has allowed us the ability to deliver the client’s true vision.


Isaac Campos began Global Trend Productions over 18 years ago. His first stint in the industry was as a DJ where he played for college parties and a few nightclubs. He went on to work behind the scenes and since that time GTP has been expanding its reach every year.

Project Manager

Sebastien Dang has been with the Global Trend Productions team for 12 years.“After several career changes I stumbled upon a new and exciting industry called production. Immediately falling in love with the type of work and its environment, Global Trend became my new home.”

Technical Director

Franck Van de Cayzeele recently joined Global Trend Productions. His has been in the production industry for almost 20 years. He was last seen working his magic at XL Video Belgium.

Accounting Manager

Yanira Ricardo-Diaz has been with Global Trend Productions since almost the very beginning. For 17 years she has been apart of the GTP team working tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Project Manager:

Rudy Juarez joined the Global Trend Productions team 5 years ago. His most memorable project to date has been a Maná concert at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Nevada. His roles included show lead, lighting and LED technician. “It was beautifully designed show; it was an awesome performance by Maná.”


Shannon Miller has been with Global Trend Productions for 7 years. Her most memorable projects to date have been the Jameson Bartender’s Balls in San Luis Obispo and San Diego.

Project Manager

David Rodriguez joined the Global Trend Productions team in 2014. Since that time, he has worked on countless projects throughout the world for GTP. He cannot point to the most memorable event, since there have been many for him so far.

Warehouse Manager

Oscar Mendoza has been with the Global Trend Productions team for 7 years. His most memorable event so far has been EDC 2014 in Las Vegas. “It was pretty incredible to see the main stage once it was completely built. It blew me away.”

 Accounts Receivable

Carolina Sánchez joined the Global Trend Productions team in 2012. Her most memorable moment at GTP so far has been Super Estrella’s 2016 Reventon at the Microsoft Theater. “Sitting in the audience, I was able to see all of the hard work each employee put into the show. I felt proud to be apart of the team.”

Sales Associate

Melissa Skipworth recently joined the Global Trend Productions team. With over twelve years of corporate event design and production experience, Melissa brings six years of sales experience to the team with an emphasis on building strategic alliances with corporate event producers worldwide.

Lighting Technical Director

Sid Garcia recently joined the Global Trend Productions team. Sid joins the GTP team with with over 20 years of production experience.

Video Technical Director

Michael Rivas recently joined the Global Trend Productions team. Michael joins the GTP team with with over 15 years of production experience.


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